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The Lore Sharer

The Lore Sharer


The Lore Sharer depicts a specialist in tribal legends—common in all tribes worldwide—keeping an audience spellbound under the Milky Way and the moon. Origin narratives and perhaps a tribal saga about a Great Flood may be his topic. Tree-houses (which give women and children relative safety should enemies attack) glow like jack-o’-lanterns as women tend to their fires. Moonlight glistens incongruously frostlike on ridge-caps. Canoes hollowed out of tree trunks lie tethered at river’s edge. Giving such men the Gospel of Christ enables them to use their communication skills for God’s glory.

These limited edition items are available only while supplies last. The paintings make great gifts for family and friends. Price includes basic shipping and handling. We will ship them as soon as we can, but can’t make guarantees on timing. Contact us for reduced prices on quantities of 5 or more.

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