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Sensing Danger

Sensing Danger


Exploring a new area in New Guinea’s vast lowland jungles entails risk.  If another tribe already occupies a given region, the slightest intrusion by strangers may provoke conflict.  In “Sensing Danger,” the paddles these be-feathered warriors use, turned end-for-end, double as spears.  Plus!  The inner hull of each craft is lined with bows, arrows and war shields.  These explorers, aware that something has spooked that flight of squawking parrots overhead, decide to hold their war shields at the ready.  Does an ambush await them around the next bend? 

These limited edition items are available only while supplies last. The paintings make great gifts for family and friends. Price includes basic shipping and handling. We will ship them as soon as we can, but can’t make guarantees on timing. Contact us for reduced prices on quantities of 5 or more.

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