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Mealtime Beckons to Home

Mealtime Beckons to Home


Papuans in New Guinea’s highlands trudge up slopes scalloped with gardens en route to fresh, hot meals of taro, yams, pork and perhaps bananas. New Guinea highlanders, wary of earthquakes and the landslides they unleash, prefer to reside on the crests of ridges, despite the added toil of lugging provisions and water uphill. Small circular houses conserve warmth on windy, rainy nights a mile or more above sea level.  Careful scrutiny of this scene reveals four villages or sets of huts—two on each side of the gorge (one in the foreground and another behind it). 

These limited edition items are available only while supplies last. The paintings make great gifts for family and friends. Price includes basic shipping and handling. We will ship them as soon as we can, but can’t make guarantees on timing. Contact us for reduced prices on quantities of 5 or more.

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