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Celebrating a New Bridge

Celebrating a New Bridge


Celebrating a New Bridge (formerly called A Thunderous Torrent Bridged!) Step 1: Ingenious tribesmen make a V-shaped bridge on one side of a raging river. Poles provide its narrow footing. Long vines serve as handrails. Step 2: Laying the bridge along their side of the river, they secure only its downstream end to rocks and trees. Step 3: Clinging to its upstream end, the craftsmen push it out and let the current swing the bridge—as they hold on for dear life—across to the opposite side. Step 4: Climbing ashore, they lift that end of the bridge and secure it. Step 5: Lengthening and elevating the bridge one end at a time, they secure it at last at an ideal location. Civil engineering in the Stone Age! Step 6: The builders celebrate their accomplishment mid-span!

These limited edition items are available only while supplies last. The paintings make great gifts for family and friends. Price includes basic shipping and handling. We will ship them as soon as we can, but can’t make guarantees on timing. Contact us for reduced prices on quantities of 5 or more.

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