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Jubilant Migration!

Jubilant Migration!


Among hunter-gatherer cultures of lowland Papua, communities relocate as one body, rather than family by family.  Abandoning old longhouses—where roofs leak, floors sag, firewood is scarce and the jungle has been foraged bare—in favor of a new village surrounded by abundance makes for a celebratory "JUBILANT MIGRATION"!  Paddle blades rattle on the hulls of freshly-hued dugouts.  Paddlers shout.  Paddle tips adorned with cockatoo feathers scissor overhead.  Sleek canoes cleave water so blackened with algae it barely reflects.  Women and children huddle among rolled sleeping mats.  Weapons and war shields lie near at hand.  Miles ahead, a new village awaits eager occupants! 

These limited edition items are available only while supplies last. The paintings make great gifts for family and friends. Price includes basic shipping and handling. We will ship them as soon as we can, but can’t make guarantees on timing. Contact us for reduced prices on quantities of 5 or more.

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