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If you have been impacted by the Peace Child story or by Don & Carol Richardson in some way, please take a moment to share with us!

Nov 5

Debbie Fulthorp
Jan 21

I just want to say that his story inspired me as a young Bible College student studying missions. Today the impact continues as I share the story of the Peace Child, and Don's story to my own students
Brian Hogan
Dec 28, 2018

From our first meeting when he taught me in Perspectives in 1988 to our last, a few years ago in South Africa, Don Richardson educated, inspired, befriended, and championed me. His books and teaching
Jun 12, 2018

Hi Don. I was really excited to find out you were receiving the Lifetime Service Award from Missio Nexus and had so hoped to meet you in September. But perhaps by then, you will be seeing Jesus, which
Tim Harvey
Apr 4

My siblings and I were raised in Hong Kong as missionary kids. We grew up in a home where cross cultural missions were part of our daily life. I graduated from high school in 1974 and returned to the
Jan 12

Don Richardson influenced my life in a similar way that Dr. Ralph Winter impacted me. Don Richardson continues to impact and influence my life through one of his very close disciples, Mr. Bob Sjogren
Tami Sue Eamer Webster
Oct 22, 2018

I was 24 years old in 1984 when I picked up a copy of PEACE CHILD at a Missions Conference at People’s Church in Toronto. I was enthralled from the first sentence. Nothing in my world could prepare
Jun 7, 2018

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